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Organize, track and auto tag your customer

Includes all current and future BingeForms features you need to handle orders via WhatsApp


Organize your instant checkout orders in one place. Get actionable insights based on sales and order you receive.


Select your customer and track his existing orders. Manage your inventory by connecting with WooCommerce store.


BingeForms auto tag your existing customer based on their order history. You create your own tags.

WhatsApp API

BingeForms uses the free WhatsApp API that allow the user to make the order via WhatsApp easily.

Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to reach out

What does BingeForms do to help my online store grow?

BingeForms adds an instant checkout feature on your store that allows your customer to make their order via WhatsApp and it also manages the order via BingeForms dashboard.

Does BingeForms require a custom theme for it to work with?

BingeForms has been built to support any WordPress and WooCommerce theme. If you find issues with the theme your using, feel free to send a theme support request our way!

I need a specific feature that BingeForms doesn’t offer yet

BingeForms is under active development. If you need a feature that BingeForms doesn't off yet, feel free to send a feature request our way!

Do I need a credit card to start my trial?

Absolutely not. You can start a free 30 day trial with just your e-mail address. It free for the first 100 eligible users

Nearly 69.5% of the online shopping carts are abandoned based on Baymard Institute Report Online

That means out of every 100 potential customers, 70 of them will leave without purchasing. Which is not good for an online store owner.

So at BingeForms we understood this problem, as our founders also faced the same issue while running their online e-commerce store. Now we are on a mission to change this, by helping small online store owners make revenue from the early days.

Why don’t you join us and try it out for yourself?

Abdul - Online Store Owner

BingeForms has boosted my orders via WhatsApp